Sublime Organic | INTENSITY 40 | Premium 40% CBD Oil | 10ml - 30ml

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Premium Organic Oil > MCT > Intense Action > Vegan > Non GMO

Our INTENSITY 30% MCT CBD OIL is part of a range of infused higher % CBD oil supplements that have shown in some cases to help with brain disorder, pain and depressive states.

INTENSITY IS the perfect CBD combination for giving some natural organic help. Governments are now actively testing the benefits of CBD and results are positive.
Please remember CBD isn’t cure in itself but helps control a number of illnesses where synthetic medication and or long term pain killers with a plethora of side effects have been prescribed. Always consult your GP if you are not sure if it’s safe for you to add into or replace your medication. Do not stop suddenly taking your medication.
if you are suffering anxiety, panic attacks and sleep deprivation, this quickly becomes viscous circle and it’s proven fact, better sleep helps the brain function in a healthier way and also reflecting into bodily functions.

The added benefit of CBD which is carried in Coconut oil (MCT), will give your body a selection of amino acids which also help the immune system and general cognitive function. The oil should be taken 30 minutes before sleep so it can help your body repair and prepare for its daily use. Especially relevant in todays current climate of illness. 

  • 100% Pure Organic 40% CBD Oil
  • MCT Carried with Natural Aminos 
  • Natural Organic Supplement 
  • Boost Your Immune System 
  • Vegan Friendly  

Start with a 1/4 to 1/3 of a Pipette for best results. Take nightly as part of your Immune boosting and pain relief regime. CBD like other supplements will work better if used regularly. You can top up your CBD intake with our drinks, topical cream or patches during the day if required.

Sizes: 10ml or 30ml