Sublime Organic | OVER 50 HEALTH | Premium 10% CBD Oil | 10ml - 30ml

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Premium Organic Oil > MCT > Over 55’s Health > Vegan > Non GMO

As we age it’s so important to give your body and mind the extra help to both boost your immune system and cognitive function. Our premium organic 10% CBD oil is the perfect daily support CBD is caried in Coconut oil (MCT) to further give your body a selection of amino acids which also help the immune system and general cognitive function. The oil should be taken 30 minutes before sleep so it can help your body repair and prepare for its daily use. Especially relevant in todays current climate of illness.

  • 100% Pure Organic 10% CBD Oil
  • MCT Carried with Aminos 
  • Health Support 
  • Immunity Boosting 
  • Vegan Friendly  

Start with a 1/4 to 1/3 of a Pipette for best results. Take nightly as part of your wellness regime, CBD like other supplements will work better if used regularly.You can top up your CBD intake with our drinks, topical cream or patches during the day if required.

Sizes: 10ml or 30ml